Dual Language Middle School Application Process

  • Students currently in 5th grade will need to apply to the Dual Language Program for entrance to middle school.
  • Students attending Foster Elementary, Tracy Elementary, and Vineland DLAB typically attend Sierra Vista Middle School.
  • Students attending Walnut Elementary, Geddes Elementary, and Heath Elementary typically attend Olive Middle School.
  • Students wishing to attend a school outside of the school boundaries may be accepted based on space availability, district permit approval, and meeting all of the application criteria with a passing score.
  • Permits completed during the Open Enrollment process do not guarantee student acceptance to the Dual Language Program.
Parent/Guardian Requirements
  • Required to attend the mandatory parent meeting.
  • Must complete the Dual Language Application Process permission form.
Student Requirements
  • Students will complete a written application involving a written essay.  Students will respond in Spanish to demonstrate their ability to write in Spanish.
  • Students will participate in an oral interview.  Students will respond to questions in Spanish and/or English to demonstrate their oral speaking ability in English and Spanish.
  • Students will participate in a collaboration task to demonstrate their ability to work in a small group with other students.
  • Students will read a passage and will be asked questions to demonstrate their fluency and comprehension in Spanish.
Teacher Requirements
  • Teachers will be asked to complete a recommendation form.  The recommendation will inquire about students' academic performance, behavior, attendance, and desire to participate in the Dual Language Program.
Please note:  Not all students who participate in the application process will be admitted to the middle school Dual Language Program. 
Attached is the complete presentation.  Please read it for further information.