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Exemplar Classrooms Catapult Instruction into 21st Century

Our goal, at Foster Elementary, is to continue to bring blended learning into all classrooms. Teachers using the station rotation model allow students to rotate, on a fixed schedule, where at least one station involves online learning. Stations also allow students to engage in various learning opportunities involving independent, collaborative, digital, and/or teacher-led activities. All teachers are committed to reaching our goal, and we want to thank the Exemplar Classroom teachers for sharing a glimpse of what blended learning has to offer.
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Foster Elementary Students Showcase Think Together Program

Students at Baldwin Park Unified’s Foster Elementary School were joined by Michael Funk, director of the state Department of Education Expanded Learning Division, and Think Together Founder and CEO Randy Barth on Feb. 7 as they explored the many options available to students through the school’s Think Together program. Student leaders in the after-school program led a tour through transitional kindergarten and kindergarten classes, and culinary arts and physical education courses.
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