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Protocols for Office Worksites: Appendix D

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health
Recent Updates: 
  • 12/24/2020: 
    •  Updates requirements related to break rooms for employees and includes an email option
      for employers reporting clusters of 3 or more cases to DPH.
  • 12/3/2020: 
    • Face coverings must be worn by employees working in cubicles, including cubicles
      equipped with partitions. This is a temporary measure in compliance with the temporary
      HEALTH OFFICER ORDER issued on November 28, 2020. The requirement is effective
      from 12:01AM (PST) on November 30, 2020 until further notice.  
    • At all times when eating or drinking, employees must maintain a 6-foot distance from
      others and should do so outdoors, if possible. Eating or drinking at a cubicle or
      workstation is preferred to eating in a breakroom.
    • Screening of employees and visitors must include a question about whether the individual
      is currently under isolation or quarantine orders.  
    •  Frequently touched items, bathrooms and payment consoles must be disinfected on an
      hourly basis.
  • 11/19/2020: Maximum occupancy for essential office-based businesses is limited to 25%.